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Dehydrated Chicken Breast

Dehydrated Chicken Breast

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Dehydrated Chicken Breast Dog Treat

Presenting Yappetizers' exquisite dehydrated chicken breast treats, exclusively created for your canine's sophisticated taste. Our treats are made from the highest quality chicken breast, offering not just a scrumptious snack but also a wealth of health benefits for your dog.


Benefits of Chicken for Dogs

  • Nutrient-Rich Delight: Our chicken breast is a treasure trove of essential nutrients, rich in lean protein, niacin, and B-vitamins. These nutrients are essential for maintaining strong muscles, a healthy heart, and promoting overall vitality in your pet.
  • Lean Protein Excellence: Packed with high-quality lean protein and vital amino acids, our chicken breast treats support muscle development, a healthy immune system, and contribute to your pet's general well-being.
  • Ideal for Sensitive Dogs: Chicken breast is known for its digestibility and low allergenic potential, making it a perfect treat for dogs with certain food sensitivities or digestive issues. It's a nutritious alternative to more common protein sources.
  • Longevity and Purity: The gentle dehydration process not only extends the shelf life significantly but also preserves up to 90% of the nutrients found in fresh chicken. This method is carried out without any preservatives or chemicals, ensuring a treat that's both crunchy, easy to break apart, and brimming with natural goodness.
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