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Durable Rubber Tug Toy

Durable Rubber Tug Toy

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Durable Shackle Enrichment Dog Tug Toy

Perfect for dogs who enjoy interactive and physical play, this tough tug toy is uniquely shaped like a shackle, adding an intriguing twist to your pet's playtime. Made from strong, resilient materials, it's specifically designed for vigorous tug-of-war games, providing a robust and stimulating play experience. This distinctive shackle-shaped toy not only fosters active engagement but also caters to your dog's natural instincts to chew and tug.

Dog Enrichment Benefits: 

  • Great for powerful tugging!
  • Helps to reduce anxiety
  • Provides hours of entertainment and fight boredom
  • Made of durable rubber perfect for extreme chewers
  • Reduce problem behaviours such as destructive chewing and separation anxiety.
  • Dispenses treats while playing to enrich playtime
  • Dishwasher safe!

Enjoyment Guaranteed- 30 Day Warranty!

With WoofCrate, you get a 30-day guarantee on our durable rubber toys, assuring a great time for your pet and peace of mind for you.

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