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Snuffle Ball

Snuffle Ball

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Challenge your pup's instincts and senses with our Snuffle Ball! Your dog will love the fun of foraging and digging for treats placed inside the ball's folds. Keep them mentally and physically stimulated as they delight in the enriching experience!

  • Interactive Enrichment: Designed for mental stimulation as dogs forage for hidden treats in multiple pockets.

  • Durable & Safe: Crafted from soft plush fabric to withstand rigorous foraging play, ensuring safety with no harmful chemicals.

  • Spot Clean Recommended: Maintains its structure and integrity with simple spot cleaning.

  • Adaptable Challenge: Tailored for all dog sizes, offering adjustable difficulty based on treat size.


Certainly! Here's a brief "How to Use" guide for the dog snuggle ball:

How to Use the Dog Snuggle Ball:

  1. Preparation: Choose treats or kibble that your dog loves and that fit comfortably into the ball's pockets.
  2. Loading the Toy: Gently open the pockets and insert the treats. For a greater challenge, use larger treats or pack them deeper into the pockets.
  3. Introducing the Toy: Place the snuggle ball in front of your dog and let them sniff and explore. You can nudge the toy or shake it slightly to pique their interest and show that it contains treats.
  4. Supervise Playtime: Always monitor your dog during play to ensure they don't get frustrated or attempt to destroy the toy.
  5. Clean Up: After playtime, remove any leftover treats or crumbs. Spot clean the toy if necessary, and store it in a safe place until next use.

Remember, the goal is to provide enrichment, so adjust the difficulty level based on your dog's experience and interest to ensure a positive and engaging experience.


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