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A Trip to Paris Themed Dog Box

A Trip to Paris Themed Dog Box

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Paris Themed Dog Box

Get a sniff of Paris with our exclusive Paris themed dog box, an experience brimming with toys and treats that is sure to provide hours of tail wagging. Stimulate the cheesy senses with a fresh baguette that holds a secret alongside his partner fromage and other delicious goodies!

So, why wait? Let the celebration begin! Treat your pup to the Woofcrate experience, where every box is a party waiting to happen. 

What Comes in Our Paris Themed Dog Box?

  • Francois the Baguette: Plush toy with secret! His bag slips off to extort his tighty whites. Hide treats inside the bag for extra fun!
  • Fromage: Crinkly and squeaky plush toy that is Francois' partner in crime and yes she's just as shocked as you and your dog about those tighty whities francois has on
  • 2x Dog Treats: Carefully selected Canadian treats with a stellar ingredient list. often single ingredient. A truly premium snacking experience
  • Natural Chew: Delicious all Canadian 6" or 12" bully stick
  • Paris Themed Bandana: Incorporating some elements of Paris like the Eiffel tower and bicycles.


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