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Freeze-Dried Raw Chicken Liver Dog Treat

Freeze-Dried Raw Chicken Liver Dog Treat

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Freeze-Dried Raw Chicken Liver Dog Treat

Indulge your pup with the unparalleled benefits of our hand-crafted, freeze-dried dog treats. Lovingly crafted from raw protein sourced from proud farmers in the heart of Alberta, these treats offer not just irresistible flavors, but a wealth of nutritional benefits.

Liver: The Powerhouse Multivitamin

  • Vitamin B12: Contributes to the overall health of your dog's blood, nervous system, metabolism, and brain.
  • Vitamin A & D: Essential for eye, skin, thyroid, bone health, along with maintaining a healthy digestive system and immune response.
  • Iron: A vital element that helps to promote energy, strength, and vitality.

Freeze-Dried Raw Goodness
By opting to freeze-dry raw liver, we're able to maintain the maximum nutritional value of the meat. Cooking can result in the loss of up to 55% of vital nutrients. Our freeze-drying process keeps everything intact - all the nutrients, flavor, and even the color!

Pure and Simple Ingredients
You won't find any fillers, preservatives, artificial flavors, or colors here. We are committed to keeping our treats pure, because we believe only the best will do for our dogs.

Hand-Crafted and Locally Sourced
We take pride in our local roots. Nestled in small town Northern Alberta, we craft each batch of treats by hand. All our protein is locally sourced from Albertan farmers who share our commitment to quality and integrity.

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