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Yak Chew Holder

Yak Chew Holder

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Durable Rubber Yak Chew Holder

Elevate your dog's chewing game with our Durable Rubber Yak Chew Holder. Designed to securely hold yak chews, this innovative toy adds a new dimension to your dog's chew time, making it more engaging and satisfying. Made from robust rubber, it's perfect for extending the life of yak chews and keeping your dog interested and occupied while also being a durable toy of it's own! 

Dog Enrichment Benefits:

  • Keeps dogs engaged by holding yak chews securely
  • Durable rubber design withstands strong chewing
  • Extends the life of yak chews, making them more economical
  • Promotes dental health by supporting natural chewing instincts
  • Prevents boredom and encourages interactive play
  • Dishwasher Safe, ensuring a safe and hygienic chewing experience

What is a Yak Chew?

A yak chew is a durable, natural dog treat made from yak and cow milk. These hard, cheese-like chews are rich in protein and offer dogs a long-lasting, healthy chewing experience. They're ideal for dental health, helping to clean teeth and gums.

What is a Yak Chew Holder?

A yak chew holder is a tool designed to securely hold a yak chew, enhancing your dog's safety and enjoyment. Made from durable materials, these holders prevent choking hazards and extend the life of the chew, making them more economical and engaging for dogs.

Tip: Add a dab of coconut oil to make it easier to slide the yak chew into the holder! 

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